What is this about?

If you ended up in this page, you probably know what this service is about.
But for the curious minds out there: the services we offer include the connection of your Tor address with an IP and Port on our servers, or the creation of an easy-to-remember alias for your Nostr public key. These redirections or bridges will help your Nostr persona be more identifiable, as well as allowing your Tor address to be exposed to the regular user that doesn't want to install a Tor browser.

IP2Tor bridges Nostr aliases

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Privacy first

We respect your privacy. You do not need an account, nor KYC, not even an email.

API to our service

You can build your own custom code to renew the service automatically.

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IP2Tor bridges

Purchase a bridge to your Tor address from an IP and Port in our servers.


With the Clearnet IP we provide, you'll be able to buy and forward a domain to your Tor service. Amazing, right?

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SSL certificates

Once you get a domain, you'll be able to get a SSL certificate, so you and your customers know this is a trusted connection.

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By enabling access from a Clearnet IP and Domain, anyone with access to Internet will be able to reach your service.

Nostr aliases in NOSTRO.FUN

Choose the alias that best fits you and share it with the world.
If your subscribe 'yourname' as a Nostr alias, the following URLs will point to your Nostr public key:
yourname.nostro.fun AND nostro.fun/yourname
In addition, you will get a NIP-05 address such as:

Be recognized

Claim an alias that is easy to remember and be found much easier by your peers in Nostr. Also, become a Nostr embassador by sharing your alias in your profile in other social networks.

NIP-05 address

You will also get your NIP-05 address of the form youralias@nostro.fun.
You can then include this in your Nostr profile, so people can also find you by your alias.
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Clickable Nostr ID

By having a domain alias, your Nostr ID will be clickable if you write it in your Twitter bio, for instance.

Extend subscription

If your existing subscription to IP2Tor bridges or Nostr aliases is about to expire, you can extend it here. You just need the ID you got the first time you purchased your product.


Since we do not store any information about you, there is no simple way for us to offer automatic renewals out-of-the-box. Therefore, if you want to have your subscription automatically extended, you'll have to do some homework. Check the link on our API workflows.

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You can easily renew your IP2Tor bridge or Nostr alias subscription by simply entering your product ID and paying the renewal fee. No account, email or any other information needed. You just need to remember to do it about the time it expires!

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most relevant topics of the service we offer here.
What is an IP2Tor bridge?
An IP2Tor bridge is a redirection from a regular IP and port to your Tor hidden service. In other words, if you are running a website and broadcast it to the world using an onion address, you know that the end user will need the Tor browser. Using a IP2Tor bridge, you will get an IP and port that can be used in any browser, giving access to any user around the world to your web service, without any special requirements.
How do you ensure that the redirect from your IP goes to my Tor address?
When you purchase an IP2Tor bridge you are assigned a unique port that points to your service. It is the combination of IP and port that you need to use to get the redirection working as expected.
Can I add a Tor address that is not behind a HTTPS certificate (i.e. a HTTP one)?
Originally, we thought to require HTTPS in the Tor end, so communication is encrypted end-to-end. However, we understand that sometimes you want to have some quick tests and do not want to go through the process of getting and configure the SSL certs. For that reason, we decided to allow non-HTTPS target onion addresses. While this is not recommended from an operational point of view, it's up to you to balance your risks.
What is a Nostr alias?
An alias is an URL of the form "yourname.nostro.fun" or "nostro.fun/yourname" that points to your Nostr public key, with the prefix 'nostr://', so the user default app will open your Nostr profile if the alias is clicked. If you have been following the recent developments on Nostr, you may have noticed that your Nostr ID is a public key, that is, a long string of letters and numbers very difficult to remember. If you want to share your Nostr ID with other users in a way that is easy for everyone to remember, the alias we offer is a good way to go.
Why do I need to keep that long ID number I get after I purchase a product?
It is VERY IMPORTANT that you store safely the ID of your product, which you get after the payment is successful, for future renewals of the subscription. For the sake of privacy, we do not keep user accounts or emails, which means we have no way to send the product ID to you and if you lose it, you cannot renew your product. Please understand that this is a trade-off between privacy and usability, for which we are leaning to the first one.
How do I extend my subscription?
You can extend your subscription any time before it expires and some short time after it expires. We concede a grace period but we don't guarantee full availability if you wait too long. The way to extend your subscription is as simple as pasting your subscription ID in the extension form and paying the fee with Lightning.
What happens if I extend my subscription before the expiry date?
No worries, the time between the moment you renew and the current expiry date will be added to your extension, so you won't lose any time in your subscription by renewing early. For example, if I purchase a 7 day subscription on Monday, May 1st, at 00:00, the original expiry date will be on Sunday 7th at 23:59 (plus a grace period, but let's omit that for simplicity). If I renew my subscription on Thursday (May 4th) for another week, then my bridge will ve valid until Sunday, May 14th at 23:59. You can extend your subscription here.
Can I extend my subscription automatically?
At the moment, the automatic extension only works in Raspiblitz. That means that if you have a running Raspiblitz node and subscribe to our service, you can 'set and forget', since you will be billed automatically at every reneweal period. If you want to have an automatic renewal but don't have a Raspiblitz node, you will need to program it yourself using our API.
Can I extend my subscription as long as I want?
Yes, absolutely. Please note that it must be done in increments defined in the product you choose originally. So if you bought a 1 day subscription, you'll need to renew it every day; if you bought a 7 day subscription, every week and if you bought a 30 day subscription, every month. Usually, the daily and weekly subscriptions work well for your tests, until you figure out your setup. If you don't want to have to renew it this often, monthly subscriptions are the way to go.
How do I change the target onion address in a IP2Tor bridge?
At the moment, it is not allowed to edit the target onion address in your bridge. An edit feature is in the pipeline but we do not have a timeframe for this. If you need to change the address, we'd recommend you let the old one expire and you subscribe to a new one.
How do I change the public key in a Nostr alias?
At the moment, it is not allowed to edit the public key in your Nostr alias. An edit feature is in the pipeline but we do not have a timeframe for this. If you need to change the public key, we'd recommend you let the old one expire and you subscribe to a new one.
What is the duration of my subscription?
Every subscription has a "Duration" field where it is specified how long the product will be valid. This duration is both the billing and active period. Your product (e.g. IP2Tor bridge) will be active from the moment of the purchase during this duration. Before this time passes, you will have to renew the product if you want to continue using it.